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Your options for changing your name after a Texas divorce

On Behalf of | Jun 12, 2024 | Family Law

If your divorce has been finalized but your name doesn’t reflect this change in circumstances, it can feel like the next chapter of your life hasn’t yet begun in earnest. While a name change is a technically a logistical step in the aftermath of a divorce, it can help with providing you the closure you need to leave your divorce in the past.

You can decide to revert back to your maiden name or adopt a new name to make a new beginning. You’ll be pleased to know that the process of changing your name during a Texas divorce is pretty straightforward.

Reclaiming your maiden name

Suppose you’ve opted to restore your pre-marital name; you can address this logistic step during your divorce proceedings. You can request this name change when you’re petitioning for a divorce or answering a divorce petition.

You can expect the judge to approve this request without demanding any requirements. By the time you receive your final divorce decree, your name shall have been reverted to your pre-marital identity. It’s a relief to know that reclaiming your identity when you’re divorcing does not require a separate legal process.

Embracing a new identity

Perhaps you desire a fresh new name as you turn over a new leaf; this requires a separate legal process. You can file a petition with the district court to acquire a new last name. Your petition should include your old name and the new name you want to adopt.

Once you send in your petition, you’ll be required to publish your new name in a local newspaper to make the new name public. A court hearing will then follow, where a judge will grant your wish if there are no objections.

Factors that may determine your path

While reverting back to your maiden name is easier, don’t pass up the opportunity to get a new identity if that is what you need to truly move on. However, if you’ve always fancied your maiden name, this can be an opportunity to embrace it once more.

Your name says a lot about who you are, and getting it changed after a divorce can help you establish an identity that aligns with the next chapter of your life. Whether you’re reclaiming your maiden name or choosing a fresh new identity, learning more about how the laws apply to your situation can help you make an informed decision.